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Top Commercial Real Estate Services

We are a team of seasoned commercial real estate professionals committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.  We believe in putting our clients above all else and building long term relationships.

We know that our success is based on client satisfaction.  We understand that our industry is built on great service. The ability to develop deep and lasting client relationships enables us to outperform our peers at every engagement. Everyone on our team is excited about consistently improving the client experience.

We truly appreciate you for considering The Lee Chang Group. Our team is confident in its ability to serve and look forward to helping you exceed your goals.

Commercial Seller Representation

commercial industrial investment buyer representation inland empire

Inland Empire industrial properties have sparked the interests of investors across the globe. San Bernardino industrial properties and Riverside County industrial properties have become a favorite for international corporations looking to expand their business in the United States. These valuable properties are conveniently located to transportation and are very affordable.

We offer a complete service package to clients who are seeking industrial or warehouse property buyers in the Inland Empire Region.

Commercial Landlord Representation

commercial landlord representation inland empire

Our team of professional agents has the ability to offer landlord representation services to all of our clients purchasing or leasing Inland Empire industrial properties. We will work with the landlord of the property to make sure that the best interests of the owner and the company leasing the property are always being met. We can provide this service on all Inland Empire commercial properties.

Landlord representation may also include services such as property valuations and property dispositions, assisting in placing the property up for lease or for sale, screening potential clients, or marketing strategies to entice new occupants for the property.

Commercial Buyer Representation

commercial buyer representation inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

We have a dedicated team of buyer representation brokers that will work aggressively on your, or your corporations, behalf to locate and purchase the right Inland Empire industrial properties for your portfolio. In addition to investment sales, we offer property management services, property dispositions and property valuations, as well as a strategic marketing approach to help investors find the right tenants for their buildings.

Corporations seeking Inland Empire industrial properties will be pleased with the services the investment sales team provides. Our team will work with your company to find the right industrial property based on your needs and future growth plans. We will work with you on existing structures or vacant land opportunities until you find the right property.

Commercial Tenant Representation

commercial tenant representation inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

Our tenant representation services will cover all the needs of a business that are leasing Inland Empire commercial properties. We can help any business find an industrial property at a rate they desire to pay. In addition to this service, we also offer property and project management services. We work with our tenants and investors to find mutually beneficial property and leasing agreements.

Commercial Property Valuations

commercial property valuations inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

Our staff has extensive experience in providing accurate property valuations to our clients. We will look at every aspect of the property, from the location to the condition of the building to provide our clients with the most accurate value of their Inland Empire commercial properties.

These property valuations can be used for tax purposes, establishing the value of a real estate portfolio, or determining the price at which to sell the property. Our property valuation services will take into account all factors that could positively or negatively affect the value of the property and provide a detailed analysis of our final value.

Commercial Property Dispositions

commercial property dispositions inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

Our staff is fully trained to handle property dispositions for Inland Empire commercial properties of all sizes. We will handle all aspects of transitioning your industrial properties from the initial valuation of the property to the final sale. Our property management team will also manage the property during this transitional phase to ensure that it keeps its value during the changeover.

As a benefit for clients desiring to sell their San Bernardino County commercial properties or Riverside County commercial properties, we have a very extensive client base of investors from around the world looking for an opportunity to invest into this area. We will aggressively market your property in an effort to provide a fast sale and transition.

We Represent All Types of Commercial Properties

If your corporation is looking for any type of Inland Empire industrial property, we can meet your needs. We have access to every type and style of property or building, from light industrial properties to heavy manufacturing properties. We can help your corporation locate the perfect flex warehouse, bulk warehouse, refrigerated/cold storage properties, or wholesale/distribution properties. We even have access to Los Angeles county industrial properties and Orange County industrial properties if you need to network your distribution centers.

Light Industrial Properties

light industrial warehouse distribution property inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

Light industrial properties will vary in size. A Light industrial property usually has minimal office buildout, 10-15% with the remaining being warehouse. Light industrial properties will feature at least one grade level door and also dock high doors for unloading of containers. The majority of the tenants in Southern California that occupy a light industrial property are involved in some kind of warehouse/distribution or import/export so a dock high door is highly desirable.  Higher ceiling clearance is also a major feature since most of these companies will use racking to maximize the space as much as possible.

Heavy Industrial Properties

heavy industrial warehouse property inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

Heavy industrial properties usually have minimal office buildout with the remaining portion being warehouse. A heavy industrial property generally has much higher power capacity, larger doors to allow heavy equipment and shipments to enter and exit the buildings with ease, and distributed electrical throughout the warehouse. These buildings are often custom designed to meet the needs of the manufacturer and their specific production equipment. Heavy industrial properties generally do not require very tall ceilings in the warehouse.

Flex Warehouse Properties

flex warehouse commercial office property inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

A Flex warehouse property generally has a much higher office buildout and is usually located in an area with better street frontage and visibility. Flex warehouses properties will feature grade level doors but no dock high doors. Flex warehouse users can include service contractors, engineering firms, research and development, service oriented industries, quasi-retail companies, etc…  Flex users have more employees than a standard warehouse user but still need a warehouse for storage or light assembly.

Bulk Warehouse Properties

bulk warehouse property distribution center inland empire inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

A bulk warehouse is usually in excess of 50,000 square feet. Often referred to as a distribution center, these warehouses feature multiple dock high doors, trailer parking and higher warehouse clearance. Large corporations generally set up regional distribution warehouses to be able to reduce delivery times to their customers. These properties are more sought after by investors because they are usually occupied by large national credit tenants with longer lease terms.

Refrigerated/Cold Storage Properties

refrigerated cold storage warehouse property inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

A Cold Storage property will have either a cold storage or freezer component in the warehouse.  Freezers and coolers will need to have insulated floors, walls and ceilings.  The permitting and installation process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months.  This long lead time makes existing cold storage buildings highly desirable by companies in the food industry.  There is a small percentage of users in the market that require refrigerated cold storage properties.

Commercial Office Buildings

commercial real estate office buildings inland empire ontario ca rancho cucamonga chino fontana

Office buildings are fully built out with office and have a much higher parking count.  They can either be comprised of a single unit or multiple units.  Office buildings can range from garden style single story buildings to multi-floor sky scrapers.  Commercial Office buildings are generally leased out on a Full Service Gross basis which means that the utilities are included in the monthly base rent.  It is quite common for landlords to give Tenant Improvement allowances for the tenants to alter the space to custom fit their needs.

Our professional team can assist you with every aspect of your commercial property purchase or lease. We encourage you to speak with one of our reps today about your Inland Empire commercial property needs.