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Commercial Landlord Representation Services

The Lee Chang Group is pleased to offer commercial landlord representation services throughout Riverside County, Greater Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County. Specializing in commercial properties located in the Inland Empire, The Lee Chang Group provides aggressive representation to all landlords who desire to secure quality tenants for their properties.

Landlord Representation Services

The Lee Chang Group employs the best leasing agents in the Inland Empire area. Our agents provide more than basic landlord representation. Our agents will sit down with you to determine your investment goals (for your properties) and cultivate a best-in-class strategic plan to achieve your desired goals. Some of our landlord representation services include:
  • Prepare a comprehensive property marketing plan for your property to attract the right type of tenant.
  • Work with landlord to ensure that building is in proper condition for quick and easy rental.
  • Screen applicants to ensure the best tenants for the properties.
  • Assist landlords with securing inspections and making sure that the property remains up to code.

Local Landlord Representation Services

Investors from around the globe have taken notice of the Inland Empire and the potential for real estate investments in this area. Global investors will benefit from local landlord representation because of localized expertise of commercial properties in the area and how to successfully market these properties and get you the highest possible return.

The best local landlord property representation services are those that know what it takes to fill properties with quality tenants. Our service is considered one of the best because we:

  • Are aggressive at marketing properties. We use every available form of media to get the word out about your properties so that we can attract a wide range of potential renters. Our services even include posting videos of the property in the right social media markets to allow clients a chance to do a virtual “walk through” of the property before they visit the property.
  • We return phone calls and conduct tours, regardless of when they come in. We know that the commercial real estate market is part of the global economy so we work when it is necessary, not just during certain hours each day.
  • We are present at every tour regardless if they are represented by an outside agent. Most landlord agents have become lazy and will not show up to tours especially if there is an outside agent involved. We believe it is important to be present at every tour so that we can get you the best possible feedback and to also overcome objections on the spot. We can use this feedback to adjust our strategy to make sure your property gets leased out faster.
  • Will provide you with comprehensive weekly reports with our marketing efforts and property activity.
  • We are looking to build a long term relationship. Providing the best possible service and satisfying our clients is our number one priority. We want to be the agent you look to for all your future real estate needs.

We Employ The Best Agents

We understand that saying our landlord representation agents are the best in the industry is a very bold statement. However, we believe that being bold is what makes our services the right choice for your company. You do not want a landlord representation service that sits quietly in their office hoping for the right tenant to find the property they represent. Commercial landlords want a landlord representation company that is going to fill their properties with quality clients without a lot of down time.

The Lee Chang Group may not be the largest landlord representation company in the Inland Empire area, but we are one of the most successful. Our knowledge of the properties in the area, our superior landlord services, and our ability to connect the right tenants with the right property has made us the best landlord management service in the Empire region.

If you have a commercial property of any size that you need filled with a quality tenant, than the Lee Chang Group is the right choice for landlord services. Our professional landlord representation services will handle all the details of finding and screening tenants and closing the deal. Our agents have closed deals for every type of property and size. The Lee Chang Group will be pleased to help you find short or long term tenants. Speak with one of our reps today to see how we can provide you with superior landlord representation services. To learn more, please visit our past landlord representation services deals and listings.

Lee Chang Group is a Turn-Key Commercial Real Estate Firm

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