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Team Members

Richard Lee

Senior Vice President
(909) 243-7601
(310) 600-8888

Nicholas Chang

Senior Vice President
(909) 243-7614
(949) 375-2310

Justin Kuehn

Senior Associate
(909) 243-7627
(949) 370-5931

Michelle Boyer

Marketing Coordinator
(909) 243-7631


Selecting Nick and Rich to be our listing brokers was one of the best decisions that we could have made for this asset. Over a one year period they brought the asset to 100% occupancy which is a significant feat considering the then economic environment. We wanted to push rents and we were still able to achieve our goals with Nick and Rich's help. I would hire them 100 times out of 100 if I had to do it all over again.
Panattoni Development Company, Development Manager
Our NAI Capital Inland Empire team of Richard Lee and Nicholas Chang provided us with not only the best brokerage services, but they worked with us to develop the RIGHT strategy and investment plan which has increased our ROI by Millions of dollars in just a short 6 month period.
Briar Meads Capital, Managing Partner
Nicholas Chang and Richard Lee demonstrate excellence in a field that they have most perfected. They understand and have the necessary patience and professionalism required to work with large corporations.
Hyundai-Kia North America, Supervisor
When considering a brokerage team, commitment and attention to detail are paramount. Nicholas and Richard exemplify these traits. Their tenacity in their marketing is equaled only by their focus on the crucial details vital to a successful transaction.
Turner Real Estate and Investments, Director of Marketing
I would give them my highest recommendation. They know the Inland Empire market inside out and everybody involved in it. In touring properties and meeting with owners and leasing agents, it quickly became apparent that they are one of the most respected commercial agents in town...

I would describe them as fiercely loyal to their clients.

Publicly Traded Company, Annual Revenues over $1.4BB, Director of Real Estate